October 9, 2013

You never heard of troga?

Ever since Modern Family has been put into syndication on overload, I've been catching up on old episodes. The other day the episode, 'Strangers on a Treadmill', was on and there's a scene where Mitchell is kind of being a snob about being a know it all on a subject that he's obviously only been recently aware of. I'm not gonna lie, I've been there. Haven't we all secretly? *smirk*

Claire: I hate it when you do that. You never heard of Troga? You never tried octopus? You never did this amazing thing I just discovered yesterday but I pretend like I've done my whole life?

So what are my new obsessions that I wish I knew long before, but sadly have just become recently smitten with.

You never heard of Miranda Lambert? Okay I admit you've probably heard of this beautiful lady and I'm the silly one who is late to the train station on this one. You should probably be asking me this question in all honestly, but I think I can get away with it being I am from New Jersey and we are not a big country music state so most locals here will not know who I'm talking about. I haven't been completely out of the loop I've known who this lovely lady is, as I've heard of her and I know she's married to the gorgeous Blake Shelton, but up until last week I have never heard any of her music, and listening to one song I was hooked. I kept searching Youtube to listen to her amazing voice and browse through her vast collection of music videos. I've only recently gotten into country music and I am loving it. Every song has a story and it has meaning, but don't get me wrong I still love me some Britney. 

So I had the most delicious thing not too long ago, guacamole bruschetta, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head ever since. I went to this cute little (and when I say little, I mean little) Italian restaurant dell'anima for my birthday about a month and a half ago and I had ordered some bruschetta in octopus and guacamole (boy, do I love me some avocados). It was amazing, I still daydream about it. I found a recipe on on Just Taste so now I can recreate something similar and I can have as much guacamole bruschetta as I want at home.

And my final latest obsession is BENEFIT's Benetint. I received it as a sample size gift by using my Beauty Reward points at the Sephora counter and although I was skeptical of the little vial that looked as if it were filled with blood, I love it now. It gives just the right amount of color to my cheeks and makes it feel like I have naturally rosy cheeks. OBSESSED & IN LOVE!!!

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